The following is our Five Finger Strategy. This, like 5 fingers on the hand, are areas that we find most important in our church’s ministry. Each is extremely important on its own, but do not function properly without the others.

1. Sunday Morning Gathering
Our Sunday Morning Gathering is a time for the body of Christ to come and worship our Lord together. God made this time possible for us, and we honor Him by coming together to sing, pray, and to teach from His Holy Word.

2. Community Groups
The Christian life was not meant to live alone. Community groups are a wonderful opportunity to share the Christian life, good times and hard times, with others. The mutual fellowship and care from these groups encourages our lives daily.

3. Community Service
At Hope Community we have a servant-hearted community, desiring to serve others both inside and outside our church body. Blount County is dear to us, and we desire to share the love of Christ in many different service efforts.

4. Missions
Missions exist both in our city and expand to the rest of the world. Whether it is right here in our neighborhoods, or the other side of the world, our desire to make God known and make disciples of Jesus Christ.

5. Next Generation Leadership
As the church, it is important that we raise up the next generation of church leadership, one that is solid not only in its knowledge but its living of God’s Word; a generation that desires to see God’s Kingdom continue to expand.