Hope Community is dedicated to the spiritual growth of our adults. One of the best ways for our congregation to grow together is through what we call Community Groups.

Community Groups:

Currently we have 2 community groups, with the hope of more to come. Curt & Dawn Davis and Josh & Maggie Pollard co-lead a group that meets on Monday evenings.

As well, Pastor Chris and his wife, Jean, lead a group that meets every other Tuesday evening.

Our goal for 2016 is to add 1-2 more community groups.

Men’s and Women’s Groups:

Every first Saturday of the month our women meet for breakfast, 9AM, at the Hope Building, and on the second Saturday the men meet at 9AM. These breakfasts give an opportunity for the men and women of the church to meet one another and to further their brother and sister relationships in Christ.

For any questions on these groups, or you would be interested in starting or hosting a community group, contact Chris Carpenter.