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Where “Yes, Lord” Becomes Normal – Chris Carpenter

I hate to admit when I follow the ways of the world, especially as a pastor. But I’m so prone to it. My example in this post is going to seem so inconsequential, but yet is still an example as to how our Lord Jesus is in control, and how all is well in that.

About six months ago our projector on Sunday morning broke down. Just flat out overheated and stopped working…shut itself down as it’s supposed to do when it overheats. Panic mode for church leaders! What are we going to do? No words on the screen for the songs. No powerpoint. No video if you have one. What to do? What to do?

Now I would love to say that I took it easy, remained calm, said “OK”, and went with it. YEAH RIGHT!!! 20 minutes before the service began I was sending my wife to our parent church 10 minutes away to make music sheet copies for the congregation to have, changing my sermon around, figuring out things with our associate/worship pastor, and even calling a family or two that I thought would have a projector of their own that they could bring with them. There was no “Yes, Lord” in my thinking process.

The next morning during my prayer time it’s all I could think about. Why so frantic? Why such a big fuss? More importantly, why no “Yes, Lord”? Now I could rationalize and say, “Well, I just want excellence for my God.” And there’s nothing wrong with that, as long as we realize what excellence really is.

Can there be something more excellent than God himself and His own way? Can there be something more excellent from me than following Him and His way? No way!

I’ve come not to believe in coincidences any more. If anything, our projector shutting down for one Sunday, and then somehow working again the next Sunday, was God’s way of reminding me that excellence is saying “Yes, Lord” to how He leads, no matter how different that might be from my own mindset.

So fast forward to the other Sunday. Guess what? Our projector overheated and broke down again. As I realized the moment, I was reminded of six months ago, and this time the “Yes, Lord” came, as if it was normal. And we worshiped without words on a screen. I taught without a powerpoint. The awesome video I had ready to go is on hold for another week.

And our morning was excellent, because it was God’s way for that morning. Even in the small details, our answer needs to be “Yes, Lord”. I still feel I have a long way to go before it really feels normal. But the more we say it, the more we believe it, the more normal it can become.